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Our Policy

Message of Representative Director Masaki Ohkawa

“The Fusion of Technology and Discernment”

Thank you to everyone for your patronage, which has allowed us to manufacture high quality knitwear products since our founding in 1927.
As a business, we strive to work together to make sure all of our employees are highly skilled and able to, on a daily basis, respond to high demand from our customers.

Over the years, the needs of consumers have diversified and their eye for detail and quality has sharpened.
To keep pace with these changing needs and sophistication of our customers, we employ an advanced technique which allows us to have reliable quality control. This sensibility is necessary to make high quality and fashionable consistently and on time.
The trust of our customers is very valuable to us, and we work hard to earn it every day.

As a Japanese manufacturer, which has in-house integrated production, we contribute to society through fashion and strive for new ways to further improve our technical strength.
We are grateful for your support and guidance. Thank you.


1. Quality control as much as you trust us.
All staff centering on Textiles Evaluation Specialist and Consumer Affairs Advisor are faithfully and thoroughly performing quality control on a daily basis.

2. Importance of in-house integrated production
We have production system which has from planning to packaging inclusive for smooth production to the last so that we can respond to our customers who would like the highest quality products.
Furthermore, we are thoroughly controling sample creation and mass production in all details with in-house integrated production.

3. Improvement of technique at all times
We think "Fashionability", it is attractive, breathtaking and usually fresh.
Technique with the highest standard and a receptive mind are necessary to make things based on what customers imagine.
About all of processes, development, production and so on, we are paying close attention to all of processes, improveing technique more and providing products with sufficiently taking the safety.